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February 17
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      The ocean and the sky seemed to be an infinite stain of slate grey; the horizon just an imaginary concept. The sky a mass of churning gray cement and the infinitely deep ocean reflecting the forsaken heavens above like a dusty mirror that sprawled out beyond the corners of space and time. I could see the distorted faces of drowned sailors woven into the clouds- screaming. 
     The sea seemed to taunt me. Its glassy surface like a smoky marble floor; promising me a stable foothold and beckoning me to come dance and waltz on its perfectly smooth and polished surface. It was so tempting, so very tempting. But with every step closer the ocean seemed to grow more excited and restless, seemingly forgetting its masquerade of serenity. I didn't care. Why should I? The sea can't lie to me, I know what it wants. 
     I step closer. The thick mud silently bubbles as it absorbs my feet; its color reminiscent of whale skin. I wonder if it swallows up sound as well. 
     I can't even hear my own heartbeat. 
     I take my time getting to the edge of the beach where the mud and water kiss. The water swallows up the mud and retreats only to creep up again. And again. And again. I wonder how long this pulse has been going on for. A steady and silent marine heartbeat; never faltering. The water licks my feet and the ocean stirs just a little more. Can it taste me? 
    The water is unbelievably frigid. My lower body is already numb. Apprehension overcomes me. Is this truly what I want? I turn to the beach. I can make out the ashen boulders and mountains in the distance; the heavy marine mists shrouding their bases like filthy alabaster wool. But the ocean eggs me on, the current gently easing me deeper into it like a mother coaxing her child into an unfamiliar edifce and soon I'm gently caressed by the bubbling seafoam and letting myself be led to my slaughter.
     The swirling water is up to my chest now. My feet can no longer push against the mud and rock. I'm at the mercy of the ocean now, but wasn't I always? A light rain gently sprinkles down from somewhere above and collects on my hair and face. The dewdrops of rain mingle with the salty drops of water on my cheeks. Are these tears? 
     My body is giving way to the ocean, but my primal instinct to survive is pushing me on and refusing to be smothered. But the waves are eternally patient. Back and forth, side to side they froth and ripple and bubble. My limbs are filled with lead and I feel like a discarded marionette as my arms and legs sway back and forth in the water.
     I can feel myself sinking. I don't struggle, there is no point now. I allow a smile, content with my resignation to my ultimate fate- everyone's ultimate fate. The water stings my eyes as my body slowly descends into the foreboding abyss of the great open ocean. There is no life here in the blossom of darkness. The dark expanse of the sea is truly a singularity of emptiness. A womb that only bears a maddening nothingness and a deafening silence. And soon the inky abyss will swallow up my limp body and the sea shall remain a lifeless void once more.
Woo, final version of my little ocean short. :la:

I'm quite pleased with it, I hope you enjoy it. 



THANK YOU SO MUCH GrimFace242 :la:
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Waltzing on the Ocean Floor by BloodyRoyalty is simply marvelous with just enough description that it isn't overwhelming and remarkable imagery that you can't walk away from. ( Featured by GrimFace242 )
tvtvt Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2014
well deserved DD! blew me away!
your-first-boyfriend Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you <3
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Thank you! :squee:
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its ok

and omg thank you <33
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This made me cry. I never cry. You are amazing. AAaaaah
your-first-boyfriend Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
thank you omg <33
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